Aurélien Rommelaere @arommelaere

Software Engineer Full Stack – NodeJS / React JS / PHP 7 / MySQL / AWS Cloud

PropertyGuru International (Thailand) Co Ltd

Apr 2017 – Present
Bangkok Metropolitan Area, Thailand

Typescript POO | NodeJS API | React JS Redux Thunk | AWS Cloud | ElasticSearch | Redis | SCSS LESS UI/UX Boostrap Fully Responsive | PHP Symfony 2 | Smarty | Mustache | Twig | RiotJS | Git | Bash Scripts | Mysql | Postgres | Gulp | NPM | Selenium NodeJS | Functional tests | Basic Unit Test | Architecture | Microservice | Agile Methodology | S3 | Beanstalk | Route53 | Lambda | Cloudfront | API Gateway | DigitalOcean | Kong | Kubernetes | Docker

International Real estate and Property search online – TOP 3 in 4 countries.

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Owner / Entrepreneur / Full Stack Web Developer / Flutter Mobile Developer

Apr 2019 – Present
Bangkok Metropolitan Area, Thailand helps you realize your dreams through your network.
This is my own project. Fully built, developed and managed alone during free time.

AWS Cloud | Cloudfront | Api Gateway | S3 | Beanstalk | Gulp | RiotJS | CakePHP 3 | Twig | Boostrap 4.0 Fully Responsive | Flutter | Dart See less

Owner / Entrepreneur / Web & Software Engineer Developer Full Stack

Feb 2019 – Present
Bangkok Metropolitan Area, Thailand

AWS | CakePhp 3 | Twig | RiotJS | NodeJS | DigitalOcean | Droplet Unix LAMP | SCSS Fully Responsive | Bootstrap 4 | Mysql

Software Engineer – C# ASP.Net / Full Stack CakePHP

INF Systems & Engineering (Thailand) Ltd.

Nov 2013 – Apr 2017
Bangkok Metropolitan Area, Thailand

Oracle | PLSQL Procedures | MicrosoftSQL | C# | HTML | CSS | Ajax | JSON | Jquery | JSCanvas | CakePHP2 | Mysql | CrystalReports | SAP | EPPlus

• Developed from scratch a huge powerful Material Movement Management Software for a major Thai industry in C# with user system, pages manager, roles system, lot of modules, reports, and privileges
• Worked in a Thai team, was the only one foreigner when I joined this company at 21 years old
• Implement and responsibility on delivering important and huge modules: Ship Loading, Ship Unloading, Thappline Transfer, Truck Unloading and Truck Loading
• Work order system with SAP data, volume calculation with manual user input, volume summary, global volume inventory and history, generation and send back data to SAP
• Huge 75+ PDF (CrystalReports) and Excel (EPPlus library) reports with complex dynamic and volume data
• Dynamic excel formula generated from PLSQL procedures on reports
• Meet customers mainly based in Rayong for Production deployment, User manual, UAT, Presentation, Gathering requirements
• Project currently used at least in 2 major petroleum and chemical Thailand companies
• Development in an other / MicrosoftSQL Truck management project
• Dynamic charts based on JSON Truck data via JSCanvas library
• 20+ PDF reports developed on this project from Microsoft SQL database
• Full stack Development of INF company website with CakePHP 2 and Mysql
• Support system, account system, partners manager, ticketing system with email notifications, screenshot, files attachment, company projects status, ISO 9001:2015 “Service request” support process included in company website
• SEO based on our products description
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Founder & Single Full Stack Developer – PHP/C# Web, Server, Unity Game at

Personal Project –

Apr 2015 – Apr 2016
Bangkok Metropolitan Area, Thailand

 CakePHP 2 | Unity C# | Mac, Win, Linux, Android | PhotonNetwork | Jquery | Ajax | CSS | Mysql | OVH

• Game architecture, development & database design from scratch
• PhotonNetwork as multiplayer socket server
• Develop C# Unity game with character customisation system, chat, skins collection, multiplayer system, jump, movements, interactions, mini games, event, virtual staff roles system, quests, diamonds to collect, credits, bombs, monsters, spells, levels and 2D physics effects
• Very complete website project CakePHP 2: forum, private message, role, account user system, gallery…
• InnoSetup used to build Windows Game Installer
• Game made with Unity C#, with auto-update system and anti-cheat system
• Cheat/Hack detection in-game with Mac Address, Cheat type and IPs reports
• Build for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, posted on Google App Store “Blablatopia”
• Had powerful SEO in France that made us reach the top search for virtual chat game
• OVH as webhosting
• Single Developer, Founder, Project manager,
• Manage a community of +9000 francophone players registered
• Remote cooperation with moderators and the main graphist/animator Giovanni Gasparetto
• Unity UI Responsive for Desktop/Android
• Used Photoshop & Flash for website design and some in-game elements was a multiplayer platform real time chat online made with Unity C# and sockets.
Website made with MYSQL/Cakephp 2.0, Graphisms by Giovanni Gasparetto.
+9000 francophone players registered.

Abandonned project, missing free time

Software Developer C# WinForms / Web

ArcelorMittal France

Jun 2013 – Aug 2013
Dunkerque, France

C# Web | Ajax | CSS | XML | MicrosoftSQL | C# Forms

• Develop C# Web service with embedded minimal webserver to monitor & diagnostic processes
• Ajax call every 5 seconds to monitor and remotely stop/start/restart server processes
• ArcelorMittal Dunkerque factory use it in the production environment
• Meeting, documentation, gather requirements
• Develop C# Forms Database settings editor
• XML Database config file to setup which table and fields need to be synchronized
• Hierarchy DB system tree with C# Forms
• Develop C# Database comparison service that read XML config file and compare with a report
• Complex Microsoft SQL Queries to be able to do the comparison

As Developer in Training Period for 3 months in the Arcelor Mittal factory, my initial training project was to develop a very light C# Web service with embedded handmade minimal webserver which allows any machines in the ArcelorMittal factory to monitor diagnostic processes remotely from browser with updated status every 5 seconds and lets admin user the power to remotely stop/start/restart server processes.

Since I quickly succeed the initial training project *surprising my trainers* after only one month, I had to take in charge a second project of Database comparison application for the next two months left.

That one had two parts:
– A C# Web service comparing 2 differents MicrosoftSQL databases from a XML file fields configuration. I used complex SQL requests to do these comparison tasks
– A C# Forms XML editor application which shows the full branching tree database (same as MicrosoftSQL Server) where user can set/unset all fields we want to “compare” between 2 databases and save all that fields in a huge configuration XML file used and checked by my Database comparison service.

Both projects are currently used in the ArcelorMittal Dunkerque factory. See less

Founder & Full Stack Web PHP – AS3 Game Developer at

Personal Project –

Jan 2012 – Jan 2013

PHP | Adobe Flash AS3 | Jquery | Ajax | CSS | Haxe Neko TCP Socket server | SQLLite | OVH

• Game architecture, development & database design from scratch
• TCP Socket server with Haxe Neko for multiplayer system
• SQLLite in server side used as server database
• Ressources management game with virtual time agriculture in a dynamic world and shared maps between all players, inventory, user system, agriculture system, buildings system, crafts, recipes, exploration, maps, user private rooms, private messaging, night/day mode, clothing, and customisation
• Basic landing page full HTML, Javascript and Ajax to embed the flash online game
• OVH as webhosting, VPS used for server-side
• Single Developer, Founder, Project manager, was an online multiplayer game embedded in browser developed when I was 19 years old in Flash AS3 where you could cut, plant, build and manage everything in a virtual multiplayer world in real time via TCP Sockets. Graphisms by Giovanni Gasparetto.

Abandoned project, missing free time See less

Software Web Developer PHP : Fixed-term contract

AVE-Multimedia (France)

Sep 2012
Worhmout, France
PHP | Mysql | Smarty | JS | CSS | JQuery

• Development from scratch of an Intranet platform training & clearances application project
• Design database & implement the whole first version of the project
• Features: MCQs, Survey, Tests, Printable certificate system, account user system with roles, questions randomizer with custom settings, score and stats, training and real mode, pictures upload system, questions & answers manager system
• Printable PDF Certificate generation with the MCQs scores, wrong and correct answers
• Embedded full web application from USB storage
• Project use by Dunkerque seaport and Graveline’s nuclear power plant to train their employees
• Met one client and improved the project from his UAT feedback
• Project made and delivered in only one month in production

As PHP Web Developer, I succeed to greatly help AVE-Multimedia company to realize their web Intranet platform training & clearances application project in just one month in order to be delivered to an important french seaport and a french energy production company. It was a great and fast experience just before to continue my last bachelor degree year study.

I realized this PHP/MYSQL web project from scratch with Smarty template system and JQuery. I made a powerful user system with roles, an administration system where you can upload and manage all questions in the system, answers and pictures. It generates several “training test” and “real test” with score report and .pdf certificate. See less

Founder & Full Stack Developer AS3 PHP at

Personal project –

2009 – 2012

Adobe Flash AS2 | PHP | Mysql | FTP | JS | CSS | Ajax | Photoshop | TCP Sockets | OVH | Architecture

• Founder, Project manager and full stack developer
• Full database design & website architecture
• Present my games at Japan Expo of Paris for 3 consecutive years 2010, 2011, 2012 as an amateur where we met players, interested people and get connections
• Implement and design full web functionalities: user account systems, handmade forum with messages, last read, read message status, icons, post-it topics, moderation features, news handmade CMS, staff and user role manager, gallery system upload with moderation, ban, online user system
• Implement PHP TCP Socket game server to communicate with DB and players
• Implement full game in Flash AS2: user login, inventory items, xp, level algorithm, spells, quests…
• Real-time multiplayer system: chat online, socket actions, character movements, monsters synchronisations, room system, security socket packet system, wrong packet/hack detections, protection again flood connection system
• Manage a community of 4000+ registered french & canadian users, ~100 active players
• Moderation, Founder, Project manager,
• Cooperation online with graphist Giovanni Gasparetto that participated in graphism and effects
• VPS to host our server
• OVH panel to manage web hosting, manual FTP Deployment
• Custom build installer .exe for the game with Inno Setup
• Encryption and security algorithm keys to secure TCP socket packets in case of sniffing
• Animations, graphics, illustrations, game elements made with Flash and Photoshop was a multiplayer 2D MMORPG online developed in Flash AS2 started with passion when I was 14 years old. We got 4000+ registered users

Others created games but abandoned: See less

First self-educated developed website –

Personal Project –

2006 – 2007

PHP | Macromedia Flash 5 | HTML | JS | CSS | Mysql

• MYSQL database simple structure
• User system
• Credits system
• Develop scratch tickets and mini-games in Flash AS3
• Build the basic website with very few PHP
• Develop a security logic to pass data game score between Flash and PHP
• Deploy code manually via the browser interface
• Manage ~200 french schoolmates registered users

Jougogo was my first website ever when I was 12 years old. I discovered Flash 5 at this time and I was passionate to learn how to create mini flash games with few resources available on the web.
This first personal project made me discover all the basic web stuff, HTML, PHP, Javascript, Flash and Mysql.

This project got almost 200 registered users, mainly my schoolmates playing with my games.