Aurélien Rommelaere @arommelaere

Aurelien Rommelaere
Software Engineer Full Stack Senior and Entrepreneur
based in Asia


Aurelien Rommelaere, a Senior Software Engineer Full Stack and Entrepreneur based in Asia, stands out for his exceptional problem-solving skills, adaptability, and versatility. With over 10 years of professional experience in software engineering across Asia and France, Aurelien excels at building, improving, and maintaining reliable, professional, and well-designed complex systems, websites, and software platforms.

Able to work both independently as an all-in-one expert or collaboratively as part of a team, Aurelien’s impressive portfolio includes high-traffic real estate websites in Southeast Asia, along with their associated online monetization and promotion systems—solutions that have generated significant revenue and profits for businesses. He has also developed material management systems for large-scale factories in Thailand, specifically in the petroleum, oil, gas, and chemical industries. These systems support ships, pipelines, tanks, and trucks modules and remain in active use today.

In France, Aurelien has contributed to remote machine monitoring systems and a database structure comparison & synchronization system for a large and renowned steel factory, as well as training certification systems for nuclear power stations and seaports that continue to be utilized.

A self-driven and fast learner, Aurelien’s passion for digital personal projects spans 16 years and encompasses areas such as social network website development, mobile app development, and game design and development, including real-time multiplayer systems. His expertise in French and English SEO, remote team management, and digital art further showcases his adaptability.

Currently expanding his knowledge in SaaS, social marketing, and business, Aurelien Rommelaere is the ideal candidate for taking on your most challenging projects with utmost dedication and proficiency, backed by a history of delivering innovative, reliable, and financially successful solutions.


Aurelien knows how to build from scratch and how to improve and maintain with quality and reliability challenging systems, websites, software & saas.

★ Awesome 10+ Tech Professional Years Experience in Software Engineering in Thailand & France;
  • High Traffic Online Real Estate Websites visited in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia
  • Online Monetization & Promotion Systems used in Singapore
  • Material Movement Management Systems & Industrial Systems Software used in a huge Factory Group in Thailand: Steel, Petroleum, Oil, Gas, Chemical
  • Remote Machine Monitoring Systems with Remote Process Management used in an ArcelorMittal Factory in France
  • Database Structure Comparison & Synchronization System
  • Training Certification Systems used in Nuclear Power Station & Seaport in France
  • eCommerce Businesses
★ 16+ Tech Years Experience in Digital Personal Projects
  • Social Network Creation
  • Online Tools & Software Creation
  • Flutter Mobile Apps Creation
  • 3D Unity Games Real Time Multiplayer Games Creation
  • 2D Real Time Multiplayer Flash Games Creation
  • Community French Players Management
  • Remote Moderation Team Management
  • Security against Cheating Players
  • Forums, Websites, Browser Games, User Systems Creation
  • Game Engine Architecture
  • MVC Architecture
  • French & English SEO
  • Music Digital Creation
  • 3D Modeling & Home Scene Rendering with 3DS Max
  • Vectoral Game Graphism & Animation in Adobe Animate
  • NodeJS Automation Systems
  • LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Programming
► Currently Learning about SAAS, Social Marketing and Business

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