Aurélien Rommelaere @arommelaere
French entrepreneur, passionate Full Stack Developper & digital creator, Aurélien Rommelaere is known for creating and founding a bunch of website, videogame, projects, but also by making his impact in known big industries. At age of 13 years old he created his first French online videogame project, later at age of 23 a multiplayer 2D platform chat online with 8000 members, and now developing his own social network to help people realize their dreams through the first alpha web version testing phase released during April 2019.

Who is Aurelien Rommelaere?
Aurélien Rommelaere is a French entrepreneur, Web/software/mobile/game/server Full Stack Developer, Digital Creator who founded by his own at early age of 13 years old which later became in 2009, in 2012, in 2015 and his own social network to help people realize their dreams which launched a restrictive alpha version for testing purpose during April 2019. He participated and still participate on important business impact and improvements for small to big industries like AVE-Multimedia (France), ArcelorMittal (France) in 2013, INF Thailand (Thailand) in 2013, PTT Global Chemical (Thailand) and joined the number one Southeast Asia Real Estate company PropertyGuru International / DDproperty (Thailand) during 2017. He bolstered his portfolio by creating a huge Material Movement management Software for petroleum and chemical industries in Thailand, participate in the PropertyGuru growth by making a big fresh to online real estate agents products systems, and developing his own handmade social network Sociadream to help people realize their dreams.

At age 18, in 2010, Aurélien Rommelaere got college bachelor’s degree Electronic major and started study at IUT Calais in order to the french Diploma “DUT Informatique” Computer science major.

During this period of time, in 2011, he got the awesome opportunity to integrate the prestigious British awarded Teesside University Campus for a period of 6 months during a student Exchange where he was studying and doing training in laboratory about JavaME and iOS/Android.

In 2012, After getting his first Computer french diploma, he decided to join ULCO University (Université de la Côte d’Opale) in order to get an international valid diploma to be able to work anywhere in the world. He graduated there with a Bachelor Degree in major Computer Science, Mathematics and Digital Imaging.

His crazy adventure
At age 21, seeking adventure, following his gut and detecting the first signals of decreasing economy, freedom and social situation in France, he decided to quit everything to live the life of his dreams and flight alone with one-way airplane ticket to Bangkok, where he joined and made huge impacts in several big Thailand industries in Chemical, Petroleum, Energy and Real Estate fields.
In 2015, Aurélien developed his first Unity multiplayer 2D platform chat online game, helped by Giovanni Gasparetto for graphisms and animations. The community reached 8000 french players.
In 2009, Aurélien decided to get a step ahead with his improved skills and became Introducing with a version named Govirtua Advance it finally became GoVirtua with improved graphisms and animations, thanks to his friend Giovanni Gasparetto, better moderation thanks to Julien Lebutte, and better systems thanks to Pierre Quelin. The community reached 4000 french teens players.
At age 13, Aurélien discovered the power of Macromedia Flash 5 through is father and became passionate of this technology for the interaction ease between graphics and coding. Inspired by the french famous teen online chat game website made with the same technology, he decided to learn coding PHP, Flash and Mysql and build his own multiplayer virtual world chat. The community reached around 400 members and 20 real time players.

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