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Setup MYSQL public access with public user over DigitalOcean ubuntu unix droplet

I needed a public access to my MYSQL database

First step was to modify the file there
vi /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf

Modify the line
bind-address =
To be your DigitalOcean IP

Then login as root user from your ssh/console digitalocean and run
mysql -u root

Next you have to create ...

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Run a compiled C# .NET console executable on ubuntu unix with mono

I had my websocket videogame multiplayer server wrote in C# for better compatibility and commun Socket Data classes symlinked to my Unity game. For cost reason I wanted to move it to DigitalOcean in my ubuntu unix droplet.

Here the steps I followed to make the executable successfully works:

Firstly, I had to give the execution right on my .net executable
chmod +x Server.exe

Next step consist to install...

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