Aurélien Rommelaere @arommelaere

Aurelien Rommelaere
is a French High Potential, adaptive Tech Swiss Knife
and a Powerful Problem Solver based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Aurelien designs, develops, tests, installs, configures, deploy and advises on Complex Systems using his whole Experience, Knowledge, Researches and Intuitions.

★ Awesome 7 Professional Years Experience in Software Engineering in Thailand & France;

  • High Traffic Online Real Estate Websites visited in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia
  • Online Monetization & Promotion Systems used in Singapore
  • Material Movement Management Systems & Industrial Systems Software used in a huge Factory Group in Thailand: Steel, Petroleum, Oil, Gas, Chemical
  • Remote Machine Monitoring Systems with Remote Process Management used in an ArcelorMittal Factory in France
  • Database Structure Comparison & Synchronization System
  • Training Certification Systems used in Nuclear Power Station & Seaport in France
  • eCommerce Businesses
★ 2 Years Experience in Stock Market Trading

  • US Stock Market
  • France Stock Market
  • Bitcoin
  • COVID-19 Crash
★ 14 Passionate Years Experience in Digital Personal Projects

  • Social Network Creation
  • Online Tools & Software Creation
  • Flutter Mobile Apps Creation
  • 3D Unity Games Real Time Multiplayer Games Creation
  • 2D Real Time Multiplayer Flash Games Creation
  • Community French Players Management
  • Remote Moderation Team Management
  • Security against Cheating Players 
  • Forums, Websites, Browser Games, User Systems Creation
  • Game Engine Architecture
  • MVC Architecture
  • French & English SEO
  • Music Digital Creation
  • 3D Modeling & Home Scene Rendering with 3DS Max
  • Vectoral Game Graphism & Animation in Adobe Animate
  • NodeJS Automation Systems
  • LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Programming

► Currently Learning about Investment, SAAS, Social Marketing and Business World

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